Tomb of The Unknown Soldier Guard Gets Stabbed – His Response Is Quickly Going Viral

There are Unknown Soldier monuments throughout the world, and they are meant to pay tribute and honor fallen soldiers who have fought in battle and made the ultimate sacrifice.
One of the most significant monuments of this kind in the United States is located in Arlington National Cemetery, and draws thousands of visitors every year. The monument honors more than 300 soldiers who have died in combat, many of whom have remained unidentified.
As tradition calls it, the Tomb is being safeguarded at all times by Tomb Sentinels. These soldiers are there every hour of every day, sometimes facing hard weather conditions. Their job also involves them perfectly executing certain ceremonies and routines, one of which is the changing of the Guards ceremony.
During this ceremony, soldiers come to relief those in the previous guard. Usually speaking, these swaps are flawless, but no one is perfect, and accidents sometimes happen, but even then, the soldiers rise up to the solemnity of the place they are serving.
In the clip below, a relief Commander dropped the rifle on the guard’s foot, and the soldier’s reaction is totally unexpected. Take a look:

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