The Toilet Always Smells Fresh and Stays Clean. All You Need Is This

Let’s not pretend this isn’t true: cleaning the toilet has to be one of the most annoying and unpleasant chores you have to do around the house. Nobody enjoys doing it, but we all have to. Luckily, there are some simple tricks using common ingredients that will help you clean your toilet in no time.
There’s nothing more unappealing than a toilet that is covered in brown hard water stains. But truth be told, these stains are often hard to remove, especially if they’ve been there for a pretty long time. Well, there’s no need to despair. All you need to take care of this problem is some vinegar.
Yep, you read that right. Vinegar works brilliantly at cleaning toilet bowl stains and you’ll never have to see these eye-soars ever again. Using vinegar to take care of this problem is better than using store bought products because vinegar is simple to use, inexpensive and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.
And if you’re worried about your entire bathroom smelling like a cucumber salad drenched in vinegar, just add some lemon juice into the mix. Your toilet will look squeaky-clean and smell fresh as well. In addition, you can also add some baking soda to make it sparkling-white.

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