Tiny Girl Sits On Santa’s Lap, Looks Over and Says 4 Words That Made Everyone Burst into Tears

Having beautiful decorations, a big Christmas tree and lot of presents under it; these all fade as importance in comparison with having your loved ones by your side during this time of the year. There’s nothing more important than being close to your family during the holidays to celebrate together.
Sadly, for those who have family members overseas, that is not always possible. And while it’s a situation that an adult can come to understand, it’s extremely difficult to sit down with a toddler and explain why mommy or daddy can’t come home for Christmas.
The adorable little girl in the video below is only three-years-old and her biggest wish for Christmas is not an expensive toy or a new gadget. All she wants from Santa Claus this year is to make it possible for her dad who is currently serving in Afghanistan to come back home so that they can be together.
The moment when she sat down on Santa’s lap and told him what she wants for Christmas this year was captured on video, and it’s enough to bring tears to your eyes. And it seems that she’s been a good little girl because Santa made her wish come true – instantly. Take a look:

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