Tiny Girl Gives Steve Harvey Lesson in Anatomy, Has Audience Rolling in Laughter

The adorable little girl in the video below might be tiny, but what she lacks in size, she more than makes up for in spunk. Although she is only 4-years-old, Brielle has already managed to learn a lot of things about the human body, and she’s more than eager to share her knowledge.
She proved it during a recent interview with Steve Harvey while on the set of popular TV show Little Big Shots, a show that is all about talented kids that could sometimes make a lot of money in the entertainment business.
Little Brielle wasn’t at all intimidated by Steve. In fact, it seemed like the host of the show was a bit overwhelmed about all the things Brielle knows at such a young age.
Brielle proved she has more knowledge about the human skeleton than the average adult when Harvey started asking her about all the bones that are in the human body. The girl answered all the questions like a pro, and even made some remarks to correct Harvey.
Brielle has to be the cutest science whiz ever. Wouldn’t mind getting some lessons from her, would you? Take a look and don’t forget to share!


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