This homeless man bursts into tears when he saw what was happening. An act of kindness he will never FORGET!

People from the streets are not getting any surprise from the others when their birthday comes, but this man had the most beautiful anniversary of his life.
The day he turned 66, a homeless man woke up with a man next to him, a man who has made the most beautiful birthday gift. He brought a few things he needs in daily life, and the gesture impressed the friendly old man to tears.

If every year for his birthday he went downtown to attend a show, this time he could not make it because age began to take its toll.

His greatest desire, which is to go to a movie on his birthday, was also accomplished. The man who brought the gift, also gave him some money to be able to go to the movies, and in that moment the tears started to flow down the cheeks of the old man.

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