This Girl Refused To Be Adopted By Kim Kardashian! Read Her Heartbreaking Story!

She’s only 13 years old, lives in abject poverty, but declined to be adopted by the famous American TV starlet Kim Kardashian. The Reason? She wants to “help rebuild” her country, Thailand.

Pink,the little girl Kim met earlier this year during a visit to an orphanage in Thailand. “Simply I can not stop thinking about her. I told Kanye she is very sweet girl and I want to adopt her,” Kim said then.

Starlet kept her word and has carried on the intention, starting the process of adoption. But she had a totally unexpected surprise. Although originally was flattered by the chance to be adopted by a family of multimillionaires, when she thought better, the child decided not to leave the orphanage and other children with the same condition with her.


The girl told reporters that she wants to stay in her home country, to help them rebuild after the tsunami that hit 10 years ago, which took 4,000 souls and destroyed entire towns. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a fortune estimated at 130 million dollars.



What a stunning story. Given the opportunity to live every single young lady’s fantasy, youthful Pink kept to her ethics, her beliefs and her fantasies. What a trooper – we simply know she’s going to be a colossal accomplishment in whatever she does back in Thailand. She is the real star!

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