The Best Trained Dog Ever! You Won’t Believe How Talented He Is!

Jumpy, one of the most well-trained and intelligent dogs on the planet, from the looks of his impressive clip reel of tricks..

The Australian border collie walks through a series of traffic cones on his front paws, leaps through the air into his trainer’s arms and even a number of stunts on a skateboard that most humans would find beyond their ability.

Von Muller, a Los Angeles-based professional dog trainer who has been working with Jumpy since he was a puppy, said it takes time to train a dog to perform like Jumpy. To teach the four-and-a-half year old dog to do that impressive high jump seen in the video was a gradual process, von Muller said.

“My advice would be train and make sure you practice consistency,” he said. “I’ve been training for about 30 plus years myself.”

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