Ten golden rules for raising a child from the greatest pedagogue of all time

Anton Makarenko is one of the most respected teachers of the world. Along with Maria Montessori, UNESCO recognized as educator who founded modern education.

Bright Side site has amassed the most ideas in an article, which I have translated and adapted it for you.

1. Your behavior is the most important element of child education

Do not assume that your child only educate you discuss with him when teaching or when you ask them to do something. It influenced the development of every moment of your life even when you’re not home.

The way you dress or talk to people, how the mind or enjoying, how you treat your friends or enemies, how they laugh, even the way you read a newspaper … all this makes all the difference for a child. He feels even the slightest change in your behavior. It captures every thought, without you realize.

If you are uncivil, if you drink too much or worse, insult her grandmother or mother, nor think of education. You suck at all. No advice, no method will help.

2. Education shall be simple, genuine, but serious

How do you educate the child should be guided by these three attributes. The seriousness does not mean to be, but angry. Be genuine, let your behavior to fit the reality of the moment and your family.

3. Every parent should know clearly what they want to see in the child’s

Be very clear about your desires as a parent. Think carefully to them and find out where you’re wrong. Do not be discouraged, you in many ways to correct that still have not been addressed.

4. You need to know your child well. Where is? What is and with whom?

Of course, but that should give your child as much freedom. Your child must discover other approaches and ideas, not just yours. You must help your child discover the goodness and evil in people and situations, and to fight against evil, while analyzing reality. This natural process can not take place in a bubble.

5. The key is education organization

Education does not forgive small mistakes. Education is not well cultivated indifference appears. Good organization helps to pay attention to every little detail. Small details happen all the time, every day, every hour. They create their behavior.

Education takes time well spent, rather than a large amount of time.

6. DO NOT force to help but rejoice to help him

Help parents should not get forced to be boring or annoying. Sometimes children have to struggle a little to learn how to overcome challenges and to solve complicated tasks.

But always try to pursue your child while working. Do not let it become lost, confused or desperate. Sometimes, the child must see your vigilant attention to him, but most importantly, see your confidence they have in him.

7. never reward or punish him for his work results

Total disapprove a system of rewards and punishments when it comes to work. The mere fact that solves an existing problem should give him joy your child. Recognising the work done is the best reward for the effort. Your approval for authenticity, effort and methods is the best reward possible.

Be careful not to abuse the praise. Should not you praise the child in front of your friends. Moreover, you should not punish him or remember about his poor results against your friends. The idea is for it to work and do it well.

8. A child will not be able to love, not knowing what it’s worth

Love to recognize love to be fericit- all this is to respect yourself and know that you value.

9. Do not ever sacrificing child

Often hear parents complain: “We parents give them all our children. We sacrificed everything for them, including our happiness. “. That is the worst thing you can do to your child.

It is terrible. On the other hand, if you want your child poison, you might as well give him a small cup of your child only your happiness. Is the same.

10. teach the child can not happiness, but you can educate in a way to be happy

Love is the best feeling, it creates miracles creates new people and the highest values ​​of humanity.

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