Teen walks onstage for talent show. When friends join, routine is unlike anything I’ve seen

Talent shows are a great opportunity for regular people to get up on stage and showcase their unique talent in front of someone else than their friends and family. It’s a great way to discover new artists and performers who are worthy of being acknowledged for their skills.
When the teenage boy in the video below walked onstage for a talent show that is held every year, no one really expected much. There were some people cheering for him, but most people were confused as to why there are five drum sets on stage and just a single person.
But as soon as four other guys walked on stage, it became clear that something pretty amazing was about to happen. Nigel, Dylan, Matt, Elias, and Jordan formed a group known as “The Hot Scots,” and the clip below shows them competing in the 2011 Lake Howell High School talent show.
Then, they managed to impress everyone there with their incredible drumline routine. In addition to their amazing talent, they boys also managed to display the kind of qualities that you would only expect from experienced performers.
Their charisma and personality on stage will blow you away. Hit play!

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