Teacher Is Tired of Bullying in Her Class – Her Clever Solution Should Be Applied Everywhere

The need to address the issue of bullying and intolerance in schools seems more poignant than ever. But it’s not a single man’s job to put an end to bullying. Teachers, parents, local organizations and specialists; they all need to move into action and develop strategies for a safe, accepting and inclusive school environment where kids of all ages can feel secure and thrive.
The teacher in the video below, for example, has come up with a solution to stop bullying that could help children well beyond her class. Her unique method involves using index cards to figure out who are the kids in class most likely to be the victims of bullying, and the best part about it is that students don’t even realize they are helping their teacher know who is being bullied.
The idea behind it is pretty simple: students are being asked to anonymously write down the name of colleagues who are their best friends or with whom they would like to sit with during breaks. The teacher then looks for the names that come up on the card less frequently, as they are those most likely to be lonely and who are struggling to connect with others.
Learn more about her tactic by watching the video below.

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