The Judge Who Sentenced Him To 20 Years In prison Could Not Look Him In The Eyes! Even The Fiercest Inmates Are Scared By His Face!

Jason Walter Barnum was sentenced to 20 years in prison for killing a policeman in 2012, and his look marches his acts. The man is heavily tattooed all over his face. If skulls and skeletons covering his face weren’t enough, the killer also tattooed his right eyeball black..

Jason Walter Barnum admitted robing homes and stealing cars in order to fund his heroin addiction, but his worse offense was killing a police officer in 2012. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced accordingly. He admitted having shot a cop who chased him and then charged him with heroin possession.Jason Barnum was charged on one include of endeavored homicide the first degree and two include of strike an exhaustive cross-examination after the occurrence at Merrill Field Inn in Anchorage, Alaska, on Thursday.

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