Taco Shop Owner Saw Homeless Freezing Outside, Inspires Customers to Give Back On Their Lunch Break.

Looking at all the problems that exist in the world nowadays, it’s easy to feel hopeless and like you can’t actually make a difference in this world. Like many people out there, you may think you are too small to actually help someone and change their lives for the better. But there’s great power in taking action.
Kindness starts with you, and you can find it where you least expect. Like a taco shop, for instance. A shop Dallas, Texas has decided to take action and do something to help people who might be struggling to keep warm during this time of the year. The temperatures in Dallas plunged into the low 30’s, putting those who are living on the streets at serious risk.
With few resources at their disposal to stay warm, these people are in extreme danger during this time of the year. Unable to gain access to shelters, some people spend their nights on the streets, and risk never waking up due to the cold.
So the people at the taco shop mentioned above decided to help homeless people within their community by setting up a coat rack outside the shop. Those who want to help are encouraged to make a donation, while those who need help are welcomed to take a coat off the rack. They did the same thing year, and although all the coats were stolen several times, kindhearted people managed to replace it each time to ensure there will always be a coat there for someone who really needs it.
It’s a great idea, and hopefully people will contribute. Share this post and spread the love!

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