Suspicious Car Offers to Give Boy a Ride After School Bus Refuses to Take Him to School

Any mom who loves her children would do anything to make sure they are safe and have the best chances at a happy life. In the case of the mom in the video below, that meant walking for 45 minutes every day to her son’s school to pick him up because the bus couldn’t and wouldn’t pick him up.
As a mom and a full-time student, Kim Bellus already had a lot on her plate. But things got even harder when she realized she would have to walk four miles twice a day just to make sure her son can make it to school.
That’s because the school where her son goes to has a policy in place that says that the school’s bus isn’t allowed to pick up students who live in an area within 2 miles from school. Luckily, a local news team got a hold of the story and made Kim’s everyday struggle public.
After hearing what she has to go through every single day, one of Kim’s neighbors stepped in and offered to help without asking anything in return. Now, the man’s kindhearted gesture is the one that’s going viral.
To find out what the neighbor did for her and her son, make sure to watch the video below until the end.

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