Surprising uses of hydrogen peroxide that will change the way you clean

Hydrogen peroxide is an inexpensive, common household item. You can usually find it in the first aid aisle or even in your first aid kit at home, and there are many different ways you can use it around the house, and some of them have probably never even cross your mind.
In addition to taking care of burns, scrapes, and small injuries, hydrogen peroxide can actually be pretty effective when it comes to helping you clean your home. Yep, you read that right. Because it’s such a good disinfector, this item can successfully be used as a cleaning product to disinfect surfaces and make them looking brand new.
But it does so much more than just helping you disinfect your home!
According to the cleaning expert in the video you are just about to watch, hydrogen peroxide can successfully be used against those annoying stains you sometimes get on your clothes that won’t go away no matter what.
Another cool way to use it as a grout cleaner. All you need to do is mix two parts baking soda to one part hydrogen peroxide, stir and apply that paste to the affected grout line. Make sure to leave that on for a few minutes before giving it a good scrub. And that’s it!
Pretty easy, right?
Hydrogen peroxide can also be used as a substitute for bleach. Watch the video below for more information on how to use this solution to save time and money while taking care of common chores around your home.

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