Stray Dog Uses Her Maternal Instincts to Keep an Abandoned Baby Alive Until Help Arrives

We’ve all seen those videos showing people saving animals from bad situations, but as the video below clearly shows, our animal friends are happy to return the favor and help out when they can.
A stray dog named Way from Argentina was hauled a hero after she saved a baby from certain death. You see, the baby had been abandoned by his mom in an alleyway. Shockingly, it appears that the mom willingly left the1-month-old baby outside in the cold to die.
And that is what would have probably happened unless Way didn’t come across the baby. Way recently had babies of her own, so her maternal instincts were turned on high. So when she spotted the helpless baby, she just knew what to do.
The dog kept the baby warm all night until rescuers found them in the morning. Everyone at the scene agreed that if it weren’t for Way and her puppies, the baby wouldn’t have made it through the night.
Luckily, the baby managed to survive and doctors say the baby will make a full recovery. This is a story of compassion that shows once again just how incredible animals can be. Amazing!

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