Stop your avocados from browning. Farmer shares trick to keeping your avocados the perfect color

Few foods in this world are as popular as the avocado is today! Now being mashed on toast, featured in Instagram-worthy desserts, chopped in salads, the avocado seems unstoppable in its pursuit to become the most popular super-food in the world.
And when you think about it, the rise of the avocado is pretty understandable, considering it’s not only extremely good for you and has tons of benefits that can make you look and feel good but it’s also super yummy.
The avocado is just one drawback away from being perfect. I’m talking about the fact avocado’s annoying “habit” of turning brown at the worst possible time.
Their shelf life stinks, and it seems like you only have the shortest time span to consume it before it goes bad and you might as well just throw it in the garbage.
If this sounds familiar to you and you are often confronted with this problem, you’ll be happy to know there’s actually a pretty simple trick that will prevent your avocados from turning brown and going bad.
This might sound too good to be true, but this trick actually works. Learn all about it by watching the video below. Definitely something you’ll wish you knew sooner.

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