Southwest Packs Plane with Pets Displaced by Harvey for Cutest Rescue Mission

With so many human lives being negatively impacted by the disaster Hurricane Harvey left behind, it may be easy to forget that humans weren’t the only ones affected by the hurricane. In the chaos Harvey instilled in Texas, many beloved pets and other animals were left behind.
Scared and alone, these animals have few resources to survive. Luckily, several rescue organizations across the United States remember all these animals and are going to extreme lengths to ensure as many animals as possible get rescued.
What’s more, the organizations put a lot of effort into making sure the pets get back to their rightful owners. When that’s not possible, they do their best to find the perfect new homes for them.
Their incredible efforts are supported by pet-friendly airlines like Southwest that are willing to offer their planes to help these animals get back home. Just recently, dozens of cats and dogs who were displaced by Hurricane Harvey were on a flight from Austin, Texas, to San Diego in what has to be the cutest rescue mission ever.
Once the plane landed, volunteers on the ground came to meet the animals and take them to the nearest animal shelter. Check it out:

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