Son Grabs Mom’s Hand When Their Favorite Song Comes On, Their Dance Is Lighting Up the Internet

Parents and their children have a natural connection that no one can truly break, but it also helps strengthen their relationship if they have common interests and passions. For the mom and son in the video below, that has never been a problem.
The two have been dancing together since the son was barely old enough to walk. Lance and Lucy Stevens have always loved the same style of music, but they would dance together regardless of the music playing in the background.
In fact, sometimes, they don’t even need music, because rhythm is so embedded in their heads that they can just imagine it!
Still, they favorite style is upbeat music that allows them to showcase their appetite for love and their high-energy personalities. The clip below shows them do a routine in the middle of the kitchen with some other family members clapping for them, and it’s pretty much the best, most uplifting clip I’ve seen in a while.
They are clearly having the time of their lives, so if you love to dance or simply appreciate people who know how to make the most out of every day, please take a second to share this with others.

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