Soldier Goes On Leave to Meet Newborn Daughter, Walks in Hospital Room and Freezes in Place

As a military wife, Chelsea Osborne was aware of the fact that her husband Jake won’t be able to be there for all important events in their lives.
She had got used to him missing birthday parties and even some major holidays, but when she found out she was pregnant, she hoped with all her heart that Jake will be able to be there on the day their baby comes into the world.
But as much as both of them wished for that to happen, all signs indicated that it just wasn’t possible. But Jake just couldn’t bear the thought of his wife having to go through all of this on her own. Still, Chelsea insisted that she was strong enough and actually planned to go into labor without Jake on her side.
But Jake had other plans, and as soon as he got his commander’s permission to pack his bags and go meet his baby girl, Jake was on the first plane home. The moment he got to see his precious newborn for the first time was captured on video and it is likely to bring tears to your eyes.
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