Singing “Christmas in Heaven,” Scotty McCreery Brings Hope for Those with Lost Loved Ones

I’m sure you’ve heard this being said countless time before, but it is worth repeating. Christmas is not about the gifts you receive, the outfits you wear, it’s not even about the delicious food on the table (wow, it was hard for me to say that). Above all, the holidays should be about family.
I can’t think of another place I’d rather be for the holidays than at home surrounded by all my friends and family. No family is perfect, but getting to be with your loved ones is by far the greatest gift anyone could wish for.
Unfortunately, we can’t always be with our loves ones who have passed into Heaven. But what we can do is remember them, honor them, and cherish their memory. Christmas is a difficult time for those who have lost a loved one.
But there is hope and love in memories.
Hope is what Scotty McCreery wanted to bring into the souls of those who have loved ones in Heaven. And his way of doing so is through music. Singing “Christmas in Heaven,” he managed to covey a feeling of warmth and peace, something we all need more of not only around Christmas, but all year long.

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