Siberian Flying Squirrels Are Probably One Of The Cutest Animals On Earth

There’s definitely no shortage of adorable animals online, but here’s a cute animal you may not have heard about or seen up until now: the Siberian flying squirrels.
They are the latest Internet craze and you’ll can’t help but fall in love with them. Let’s just say this: if there would be a contest out there for the cutest animal in the world, these little fellows would definitely have a serious shot at winning the title.
These adorable, big-eyed, fluffy creatures could successfully be the stars of any Disney movie and win the audience over with their adorable look. But it’s not only their appearance that makes them so special and loveable.
The fall under the class of Old World flying squirrels, which means that, yes, they can fly, or better said, float. They do so by utilizing a hairy layer or patagium between their front and back legs. They can’t fly for very long, though, and only use this “superpower” to either to get away from a predator or simply reach another tree!
Still, it’s pretty magical to see them floating in the air.
These charming flying squirrels are found in Japan and in Europe, from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific drift.
They make for the ultimate “pocket pest,” but if you are considering getting one, you should know that they do require special care. For one, be ready to have your clothes used as beds, as flying squirrels love to sleep in their owners’ clothing.
However, they make for great pets, as they are known to form a deep bond with their human owners. They enjoy spending hours climbing around, so you won’t get bored having one of these little guys around the home.












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