Shocking Case! The Doctors Said She Has Flu, But She Had A Hearth Attack When The Final Results Returned!

A 20 year old student from Birmingham, UK, went to the doctor because she suffered from severe fatigue, fever and other flu related symptoms.
Fiona Codd went to the doctor because she had a fever and felt very tired. He prescribed antibiotics thinking that the young girl has the flu. But despite treatment, symptoms did not change, on the contrary, Fiona felt increasingly worse.

She also went twice to the same doctor who put the same diagnosis: influenza. Desperate that their daughter is not doing well, the parents went to the hospital. Doctors there have recommended a complete set of analyzes. When the results came, Fiona almost had a hearth attack. She learned with astonishment that it has cancer. The young girl was suffering from leukemia.

Her story has, however, a happy ending. After nine months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, test showed that the form of leukemia sufferers Fiona is in remission.


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