Shelter rescues cat, later realizes it has a special gift for comforting other sick animals

The cat in the video below might look like just another cat, but she’s anything but ordinary. In fact, the rescue cat called Rademenes actually has a special gift for which she is dubbed Cat Nurse.
You see, this gifted feline has a special ability that allows her to comfort other sick animals who desperately need the love and support only a true friend can provide. Currently, the feline is lending a paw to veterinarians at a Polish Animal Shelter in Bydgoszczy.
Animals who get to the rescue facility come from abusive situations and have a fragile health condition. They are often sick and need to undergo medical treatment that is sometimes long and painful. A rescue herself, Rademenes seems to be able to understand what these sick animals are going through and help make the recovery process easier for them.
When he first arrived at the animal shelter, Rademenes was on the brink of death. But he managed to overcome the odds that seemed stacked against him, and made a full recovery. Now he helps other animals do the same.
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