She was rushed into SURGERY with TERRIBLE PAINS ! “Rare and UNUSUAL case, it’s a first for us” doctors say.

Rebecca Oldham, a young woman of 25 years in New Zealand, suffered for months of stomach pain and the doctors did not know was the source. They made ​​several scans, blood tests and pregnancy tests and finally told that they must operate to remove the ovaries.
While she was anesthetized and doctors were preparing to remove the ovaries, they noticed that Rebecca had a fully developed fetus in the womb. They made ​​an emergency caesarean section a perfectly healthy little boy was born.

Obviously, the woman had a shock when he returned and found that she was a mom again, especially since all the tests showed that she was not pregnant. Moreover, the doctors had told her that her ovaries are not working properly and will not ever be able to have children. Therefore, it was a very pleasant surprise for Rebecca.
Her case is very rare, doctors say. Pregnancy was not observed during the operation, and the doctor had to take the child with forceps, because he was having an unnatural position, resting along the back of the woman. Therefore the young woman had terrible pains.

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