See What Steve Harvey Did To His “Twin” Brother On His Show. Awesome!

Ever wished you had a twin brother or sister? Most of us are at least curious to know what it would be like to be face to face with another person who looks exactly like us. To study him or her and see every angle and every detail.
Having a twin brother or sister is pretty rare. However, there are many people out there who look so much like each other that others might think they are actually related. Some have the chance to encounter their doppelganger. And when they happens, they are totally freaked out by it!
It’s pretty much how Steve Harvey reacted when he go to meet his look-alike during one of his shows. Mathew looks like Steve’s own copy, and could pass for his biological brother any day of the week.
Matthew even has the same style as Harvey. He always wears suits and keeps his hair short, which only enhances the resemblance between them. In fact, the man admitted that he is often asked for autographs by people who think he is Steve Harvey. That’s how much they look alike!
How would you react if you got a chance to meet your doppelganger?

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