School says girl’s dress is ‘distracting to boys’ – Dad ironic response is going viral

In theory, dress codes exist to guide parents and students when it comes to choosing outfits that are school-appropriate. But the school’s idea on what is appropriate doesn’t always match that of parents and students.
That’s what happened in the case of Tony Alarcon and his 13-year-old daughter Demetra who was sent home for wearing a dress that was “distracting the boys” in her class. What upset the girl’s dad was the fact that the school’s policies regarding what students should wear seems to unfairly target females.
What’s more, the girl’s dad says that rules aren’t as strictly enforced when it comes to boys as they are for girls. For instance, although the school’s dress code states that boys are not allowed to wear hats, Demetra says she never saw a boy get sent home for wearing a hat and breaking the rules.
After Tony expressed his discontent towards the school’s unfair dress code, other parents stepped forward and took his side. And all of these discussions might actually lead to some changes in the district’s dress code policy.
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