This revolutionary wheelchair is putting mobility back in people’s lives

The number of people in the world who depend on a wheelchair for everyday tasks is almost certainly greater than you think. And although progress has been made to ensure people who need a wheelchair to assist them with their mobility have access to one, there’s still a long road ahead to ensure disabled people benefit from enjoyable and flexible mobility.
One of the biggest problems is that there aren’t enough special ramps to enable people access into institutions, apartment blocks, store and pretty much everything else. Stairs are everywhere you look and they pose an obstacle traditional chairs can’t even attempt to overcome.
Unfortunately, building ramps everywhere will take too long and is too expensive. So one company decided to take a different approach to solve this problem and give back mobility to those in need.
The Scewo Stair-Climbing Wheelchair is equipped with oversized wheels and a set of rubber tracks that enable it to climb up stair unassisted. The chair uses self-balancing technology to tackle curbs, stairs, and other obstacles, such as spiral stairs.
So far, the chair has been tested by several people who have different disabilities, and they were mostly impressed with its capabilities.
See the chair in action:

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