Rescuer Sees Swollen-faced Dog Rummaging Through Trash, Stops to Save Him

While driving near the agricultural lands of Bakersfield, a dedicated animal rescuer affiliated with Bakersfield Strays noticed a distressing sight. Among the dogs often abandoned in that area, one particular Pit Bull caught her attention. The dog was scavenging through roadside trash, but what stood out was the abnormal size of his head.

As detailed in a TikTok post by the rescuer, it became apparent that the Pit Bull’s head was swollen due to a tight chain wrapped around his neck. Without hesitation, the rescuer stopped her vehicle and enticed the dog with chicken, successfully coaxing him into her car. Surprisingly, the Pit Bull eagerly accepted the food and displayed a friendly disposition.

Nicknamed “Chunk the Hunk” later on, the Pit Bull remained calm during the car ride as they made their way to the veterinarian. Although Chunk appeared relieved and composed, he seemed unaware of the imminent transformation his life was about to undergo. The extent of his suffering became evident, with significant scarring around his neck, suggesting prolonged constriction of blood flow caused by either a tightly embedded collar or rope.

Fortunately, after receiving much-needed medical attention, Chunk’s head gradually returned to its normal size. The next step in his recovery involved addressing his behavior and manners. To assist with this, Bakersfield Strays sought the expertise of Humble K9.

Chunky proved to be a quick learner and enjoyed the company of both people and other dogs. Bakersfield Strays expressed their pride in Chunk’s remarkable progress, crediting his amazing trainer, @humblek9, for their invaluable assistance in his rehabilitation journey.

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