Rescued Lion Hugs Man. YOU WON’T BELIEVE YOUR EYES !

Valentin Gruener helped raised a lion cub long ago who now resides at the Modisa Wildlife Project in Botswana. When Gruener visited the reserve, the lioness fully developed said she remembered him well, and gave him a big ol ‘hug.  This video by J Hawk has gone viral with over 2.9 million views! Friendship was often seen as an exclusively human feeling. It has no time or space limits, but more people sometimes forget this. A movie that has recently appeared on the Internet in an exciting show how the friendship between man and can withstand … a lion.
In the 70s, two friends have adopted a lion cub, which raised him with great affection, become true comrades. When the lion grew, and it was impossible to maintain, the two decided to send him to Africa, in the wild, where they get a normal life.
One year from? Parting? the two had wanted to visit his old friend. Although they were aware that the lion could no longer recognize and become violent, the two have risked.
End, you see in the video below.

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