The Pups Struggle To Fit Into Their Bed. But Wait Till You See What’s Directly To the Right

Few things in this world are as entertaining and adorable as seeing a bunch of puppies play together. In fact, there have been studies that showed that playing or even just watching puppies has a therapeutically effect that can help people beat stress and depression.
Well, you don’t have to be a scientist to know that puppies can make everything better. Just look at these adorable pups struggling to fit all into a single bed so that they can sleep together and keep each other’s company throughout the night.
There’s just one problem: the bed is too small and they are too many. Still, that doesn’t stop them from trying to beat the laws of physics and fit into a space that is clearly too small for all of them.
You have to appreciate their determination, though. It seems like there’s nothing that would stop them from trying! When you want to snuggle with someone, there’s nothing you won’t do, I guess.
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