You Probably Think Those Are Just Ladybugs in Your House, The Truth Is Much More Dangerous

Out of all the bugs in the world, ladybugs are probably the cutest. And they seem harmless, right? After all, they are super tiny and fragile and have such beautiful colors. Well, forget everything you thought you knew about lady bugs because everything you know is probably wrong.
Believe it or not, ladybugs are actually a lot dangerous than they appear, and they can actually cause a lot of damage if you are not aware of the risks. Insect-eating animals, for instance, know they have to stay away from any black-and-red insects because they are toxic.
You’ll never see a bird eat a ladybug. In fact, chances are it will fly the opposite way as soon as it sees the ladybug. However, your dog might not have that knowledge, because are not instinctively insect-eaters, and end up eating ladybugs he comes across.
And that’s a problem, because it means that many dogs are in danger. What’s more, there are insects that look exactly like ladybugs that live in Kansas, Ohio and Texas and which can infest the top of your dog’s mouth.
So if you see a ladybug or an insect that looks similar to it, don’t pull out your phone to take a cute picture of it. Take out your insect-repellent.

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