Persistent Puppy — Flight attendant adopted a stray dog that kept waiting outside her hotel every day

Perseverance is an asset – and this pup proves it! He learned a valuable lesson by fighting for what he’s always wanted; namely a safe home and a loving family! Now, his story is going viral!
The stray dog had been waiting for six months for a flight attended, and his efforts finally paid off. The dog apparently waited for the woman outside of her hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The German flight attendant Olivia Sievers told TV station Noticiero Trece how it all unfolded. It all started during one of her frequent flights to Argentina. Then, the woman fed and played with a stray dog. Much to her surprise, the pup had followed her back to the hotel.
Every time she would return to Buenos Aires, the dog would be right there waiting for her. At that point, the flight attended did whatever she though was necessary to make the dog not wait for her. But nothing seemed to alleviate the dog from his goal.
Even after the woman found the dog a home, he escaped and followed her back to the hotel where he waited for her.
After six months, the Sievers relented and decided the dog belongs in her family.

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