Nurse Films Adorable Moment Tiny Newborn Clings To Mom’s Face & Refuses To Let Go.

Bringing a baby into the world is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and most rewarding moments any woman can experience during her lifetime. But there’s no denying the fact that it is also a moment filled with uncertainty, especially for women who deliver their first baby.
But once that precious little human makes his way into the world, all of the hard work of labor becomes insignificant and the connection between the infant and his/her mom is instant.
It’s magical when that happens and a mom gets to see and hold her precious baby in her arms for the first time. And it’s important that new moms and babies get that moment to bond right after the delivery.
It’s what happened for baby Agatha and her mom Brenda, and the video that captures their first minutes together is going viral, all thanks to a gesture the baby did right after she was placed on her mother’s chest.
One of the nurses in the delivery room managed to capture the entire interaction, and it will definitely bring a smile to your face. This is so precious you’ll want to watch it more than once!

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