Most Dangerous Selfies In The World! “Are They Insane?!”

The selfie is a widespread phenomenon in our “smartphone” era, that the term was included in the dictionary. Some people take it to the next level, exposing themselves to dangerous situations. Some people are no longer satisfied by a selfie in the bathroom or at a concert, and they are looking more spectacular backgrounds.The following is a list with unbelievable circumstances in which certain people were photographed. We also recommend you do not try this !

1) Chased by bulls


2) Selfie on a building
No matter how exciting it may seem, it is not desirable to take your photo while hanging from a crane on top of Soth Bank Tower in London.
Solent News & Photo Agency

3) Airplane selfie
A Danish pilot took a picture when we launched a rocket.

4)From the top of the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro

5)Selfie with the bear!

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