Mommy Knew They’d Be Best Friends, But Even This Next Moment Caught Her Off Guard

There are many benefits of babies growing up around pets. In addition to providing companionship and unconditional love, according to the latest research, pets may help reduce babies’ risk of catching a cold during the first year of their life.
What’s more, dogs and cats teach babies the fundamentals of empathy and compassion and make them be more loving and caring towards all living creatures.
Also, having a furry friend in the house can help instill a sense of responsibility, and kids are more likely to do more chores when they grow older – and without complaining as much. So there are a lot of reasons why kids and pets should grow up together and become best friends.
However, if you’re still on the fence about this and don’t think kids and pets belong together, then make sure to watch the video below. I need to warn you, though, the clip is so darn adorable that it might change your opinion on the matter entirely.
The clip is just a glimpse into the beautiful friendship between a baby and his dog but it’s enough to showcase the amazing bond which can form between a canine and a toddler. Take a look:

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