Mom Watches Cheerleader Daughter from Stands, Suddenly Young Man Hops Fence and Runs at Her

All kids want their parents in the stands for important school events that involve them performing on stage or being the center of attention. Unfortunately, though, for some, that’s just not possible. 9-year-old Addie Rodriguez is one of those kids who had to come to terms with the fact that her dad won’t be able to always be there for important moments in her life.
That’s because her dad is serving in the Army, which means they have to spend a lot of time apart. Usually, Addie can cope with this reality pretty well thanks to her mom who has did a great job explaining the situation.
But during a recent school event, little Addie really needed her dad. You see, the girl was cheering on the sideline for her high school’s sports’ team when she needed to be lifted up as part of the performance. The cheer team had decided to incorporate the dads into the routine, but there was no one there to pick Addie up.
Luckily, though, a compassionate teen who was watching the performance from a side noticed this and rushed to pick her up. Her gesture meant everything to Addie and her mom who was watching from the stands.

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