Mom Sets Her Tiny Baby Down – But Don’t Take Your Eyes Off the Horse

Raising a child is without a doubt one of the greatest blessings in life. It’s an incredible opportunity to be a part of something greater than yourself, and a privilege. But whoever says raising a child is an easy task is straight up lying to your face or simply doesn’t know what she or he is talking about.
Raising a child is hard, and young parents could definitely use all the help they can get. This help usually come from grandparents, friends and loved ones. But the mom in the video below got some unexpected help from a horse.
Yes, you read that right! The horse helped mom soothe her infant who was just about to start crying before the horse stepped in. The animal knew actually how to deal with the fussy baby and calm him down immediately by rocking him in his car-seat until he was completely relaxed.
Meanwhile, his mom kept recording as she just couldn’t come to believe what was going on right in front of her eyes.
They say that share babies and animals share a special connection that goes beyond words, and this definitely seems the case in the video below. Take a look:

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