Mom Never Threw Her Old Towels Away – Here Are 17 New Ways She Found To Give Them New Life

If you are anything like me, then chances are that you are constantly buying new towels. The problem is that towels get worn out pretty quickly, so you’re probably feeling like you are wasting your money by throwing away so many towels.
Well, by the time you’re done watching the video below, you will no longer feel the need to throw away an old towel every again. As it turns out, there are a lot cool ways to reuse old towels to save time and money doing everyday household chores.
For instance, did you know that you can use an old towel to make a cute, little teddy bear for kids to play with? All you need are some strategically placed elastic bands, and you’ve got yourself an adorable toy that gets you creative juices flowing. Kids will absolutely adore this!
And this is just one of the seventeen amazing hacks and ideas compiled in this clip; you can find many more that you can use throughout your house.
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