Mom Gives Dog Cancer Test Results, Pup’s Reaction Is Lighting Up The Internet

For most of us who have an animal friend living under the same roof, pets are more than just animal companions; they are legitimate members of the family. So the thought alone of something bad happening to our pets like them getting sick is heartbreaking.
But in the case of Lilly’s family, that thought turned into reality when the adorable Golden Retriever began feeling worse and worse. Lilly ended up having to have emergency surgery to remove a tumor growing in her body.
After the surgery was done, vets needed to test and see if the mass was cancerous or not. The doctors told Lily’s owners to prepare for the worst, because in their 25 years of experience, they’ve never seen a test of this nature to come out negative.
Well, as luck would have it, Lilly was the first case they saw in over two decades. Her test came out negative, which means the Golden Retriever is cancer free and has many more years ahead of her. Watch her owner give her the good news in the video below.
The pup’s reaction is downright incredible; you can actually see the joy in her eyes.

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