Michael Bublé sings “Home” when he’s abruptly interrupted – Blake Shelton joins him for a duet

Chances are this is not your first time listening to Michael Bublé sing. It’s also highly likely that you’ve heard Blake Shelton perform live as well. After all, they are two of the most popular singers, and their voices are truly unique.
But have you ever listened to them perform a song together on the same stage? If not, this is your chance! The video below is from a few years back, but somehow we’re only seeing it. Back in May 23, 2008, David Foster who is a world-renowned songwriter and producer decided to invite both singers to perform at an event he hosted.
The event was actually a one-night concert and included several talented singers who did some wonderful renditions of famous songs. Among them were Blake Shelton and Michael Bublé, of course.
The song they chose for their duet was just perfect for their warm yet powerful voices that would make anyone melt in seconds.
If you are a fan of quality music that soothes the soul and eases the mind, then this is a performance you’re not going to want to miss out on. Take a look and don’t forget to share!

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