Men On Mission to Save “Boogie Woogie” Play Train Station Piano, Then A 3rd Joins In.

A performance like the one captured in the video below can typically only be enjoyed in the context of a big show taking place at a great venue somewhere. And people pay big bucks to be able to witness it. But a few lucky bystanders got a taste of the experience for free.
It all took place at the St. Pancras Train Station in London, a place thousands of people transit pretty much every day. Taking advantage by the fact that the transportation hub features not one but two public pianos that everyone can use, these three extremely talented piano players decided to put on an impromptu show for those listlessly waiting for their connections.
And the result is going viral.
The men picked an uplifting beat to brighten up the days of those who stopped to listen to their performance, and it’s safe to say they managed to put everyone in a much better mood.
I wouldn’t mind waiting for public transportation if these types of performances were a common sight. Take a look at this massively talented trio put on an awesome show in the clip below, and don’t forget to spread the joy by also sharing it with others.

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