This Man Takes His Old Blanket To An Antique Show — And Ends Up Leaving In Tears

When most people hear the word antiques, they immediately think about things like cars, clothes and maybe furniture.
People are fascinated with old objects that have somewhat of a historical value, which led to the appearance of TV shows such as PBS’s Antiques Roadshow where people bring all sorts of items to get them appraised.
The elderly man you’ll see in the video below brought a blanket to the show, but it’s no ordinary blanket. The seemingly common item has a pretty incredible story. As it turned out, the blanket was a Navajo-Ute First Phase Chief’s Blanket.
The specialist who appraised it said the blanket was most likely over 150 old and that it was in exceptionally good condition for an object this old. The man who brought it in was floored by what he found out. But that’s not even the best part of the video.
The best part is when the appraiser gave him an estimate on how much the blanket is actually worth, money-wise. You won’t believe the price tag attached to this blanket.
Watch the video to find out how much money the man stands to make if he decides to sell the blanket.

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