Man Orders Pit Bull To Attack Cops, Dog Decides To Do Something A Little Different Instead

A Florida man advised his pit bull to assault cops, however the canine wound up assaulting him.

Riviera Beach, Florida, cops were researching a thievery when they spotted 26-year-old Avery Davis, who coordinated the suspect’s depiction, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Davis, who was with his pooch and conveying hair care items at the time, was advised by officers to lay on the ground. He went along while embracing his canine.

Davis then altered his opinion and yelled at the officers.

“Y’all going to need to slaughter us,” he shouted, before getting up off the ground and fleeing.

Davis was hit with an immobilizer, making him tumble to the ground. He then got up and started to run once more. He continue to release his canine from the chain, point at the officers and educated the puppy to, “Kill’em kid, kill’em.”

Rather than assaulting the officers, the puppy bit Davis. The pit bull bit him on his hindquarters and endeavored to nibble him in the head. Davis then hurried to a close-by loft complex to stow away, as indicated by a police report.

Davis was discovered stowing away under a SUV. He was hospitalized before and later discharged into police authority, the New York Daily News reported.

Davis was accused of two numbers of exasperated attack on a law authorization officer and one tally opposing an officer with viciousness.


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