Mailman Accidentally Makes Wrong Turn, But In Seconds Realizes It’s No Mistake & Slams On Brakes

Being in the right place at the right time is known to have remarkable results, but the story in the video below proves that being in the wrong place at right time can be just as valuable and make a difference for the better.
Connie Nolan was going to church on a cold Sunday morning. At the same time, mailman Ben Garcia was at work, delivering packages in the woman’s neighborhood. Little did they both know that their paths were going to cross in a remarkable way and that their story was going to make headlines on the evening news that day.
You see, Ben made a mistake and went on a street that wasn’t supposed to be on his route. But he now thinks that it was actually destiny that sent him on that route that day. That’s because, just 20 minutes before, Connie had slipped in the ice on her way to church and was now stuck in the cold without being able to move.
Ben got to her precisely because he mistakenly turned down the wrong street and was able to help injured Connie get to the hospital, which most likely save the woman’s life. Take a look:

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