Little Girl Tucks 5 Cats into Bed – 17 Million Have Watched Them Not Fuss About It

If you’ve ever had a cat, then you probably know that felines don’t like being told what to do. In all fairness, you can tell them what to do, they’re just not going to do it!
Cats are pretty stubborn and very independent, which is why I was so surprised to see the young girl in the video below tucking in her five beautiful cats into bed. Now, my guess is the girl has some sort of deal with the cats; otherwise I have no explanation for why these cats don’t show any signs of resistance.
And I mean no signs of resistance. That means no fussing around, no aggressive scratching, no annoying meowing, nothing. I bet the owner even managed to get in an adorable picture of them.
The clip is definitely unexpected taking into account cats’ usual nature, so it’s no surprise that the clip has been watched worldwide more than 17 million times.
I’ve never seen a cat that was so obedient and well-behaved; not to mention five of them! This is for sure not something that you get to see every day, so make sure to share this with all of your friends and family on Facebook.
Thanks for watching!

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