Little Girl Suddenly Screams While Easter Egg Hunting, Captured Footage Sending Chills

The Easter Egg Hunt tradition has been around for hundreds of years and alongside chocolate bunnies and painting the eggs in different colors, it’s one of the most popular traditions associated with this holiday.
It’s really no surprise why, considering it’s a fun little tradition, especially for children who get a kick out of searching for eggs that their parents have hidden in different parts of the house and yard.
But for the little girl in the video below, going egg hunting almost turned into a nightmare when she came across a massive snake that was hiding in the grass. Luckily, the girl saw it in time, so she didn’t get bitten, but the scare alone was enough to make her scream out loud. In all fairness, most of us would have most likely reacted the same way.
The girl’s family who were taking a video of her searching for Easter eggs managed to get the snake on video as well. The person recording even made a funny commentary saying that that was the “snake that ate the Easter bunny.” Watch the entire chilling moment yourself and don’t forget to share as well.
Easter is almost here, so this can serve as a great heads-up for parents as well!

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