Little Boy Sneaks Away Mom’s Sewing Machine, His Creations Have the Internet in Tears

Kids always surprise us in unexpected ways with their genuine innocence and kindness. And the 12-year-old in the video below is definitely an example that is true.
You see, Campbell spends the majority of his free time sewing teddy bears, and the reason behind it will definitely make you feel hopeful about the future of this world again. The boy sews all those toys for sick children, and has already made several hundreds of teddy bears.
The boy has become one of Australia’s little heroes, and for good reason. The boy literally started a teddy bear charity from his bedroom. It all started when the boy asked his mom if he could give presents to sick kids at the hospital. It was around the holidays, and Campbell wanted to cheer the kids up in any way he could. His mom’s response was that all the money they had for that Christmas were only enough to cover for their presents.
But the boy didn’t give up and came up with a solution. The boy decided to put his mom’s old sewing machine to good use and make some presents himself. From then on, everything just started coming together.
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