When Life Gives You Lemons… Use Them To Clean. Here’s 15 Nifty Ways To Clean With Them

Lemon is great for adding flavor to all kinds of dishes. From salads to soups, lemon is often the secret ingredient to make food taste fresh and scrumptious. But did you know you can also use lemons to clean your home?
Lemons smell fresh, clean and energizing. What’s more they are inexpensive, and easy to find. But what makes them a valuable cleaning sidekick? Well, lemons contain both acidity found in the juice along with the grease-cutting oil contained within its skin, and together they form one pretty amazing cleaning aid.
You can use lemons to get keep your fridge smelling fresh, brighten your laundry, and even clean that coffee machine of yours. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The clip below compiles many more incredible ways to use lemons that are sure to make your life easier.
These useful tips and hacks will help you squeeze every last use out of your lemons so that you can save time and money while doing common household chores. As a bonus, you’ll smell good doing it.
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