Learn how to make these stunning fairy glow jars right at home

When I was a little girl, I used to pretend to capture fairies in a jar and put them next to my bed to protect me from monsters and bad dreams.
If you ever wanted to capture fairies as a child as well, or you just want to make a beautiful decoration for your loved ones and your home, you’ll definitely get inspired by the tutorial in the video below.
By watching it, you will learn how to make gorgeous fairy glow jars right at home using only a few materials. All you need besides that is some free time and a little bit of patience.
These glowing jars are the perfect addition to any summer garden, as they provide a beautiful, subtle lighting that just makes you feel like you are in fairies’ land.
The jars are also an excellent for children’s bedroom as a night light that will scare off all the scary monsters under the bed. The Internet is full of awesome DIY projects, but this is one of my favorites.
It’s so easy to make but the result looks like you’ve put a lot of effort and thought into it. All the instructions you need to make this are provided in the simple tutorial below.


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