This Kitten in a Pocket Is All You Need Today

Whether you’re more into dogs or more into cats, you have to love kittens. Kittens are without a doubt one of the most adorable creatures on Earth. Let’s put it this way, if aliens were ever to land on our Planet, I think they should be greeted by a kitten. You can’t see a kitty and think about world domination, right?
Well, if you needed more proof that kitties are basically cuteness on steroids, then the little ball of fur in the video below will definitely take care of the job. The kitty is most likely only a few days old, so her owners must be really careful when handling her. For now, the cat seems to be really happy in her owner’s soft bath robe pocket. She looks like she just got up from taking an afternoon nap, and she’s still quite sleepy. She gives out a big yawn and stretches out her paws before retrieving back into her comfy pocket.
This level of cuteness can’t be properly put into words, so make sure you take a look and then share the images with all of your friends and family. After all, everybody could stand to benefit from watching an adorable kitten!

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